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Cluster Buster Window Cluster Fly Trap

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Cluster Buster Window Cluster Fly Trap is an innovative method of trapping and killing cluster flies.

This white plastic trap fits onto the bottom of a window in the area that is suffering from a cluster fly problem and when the flies fly toward the window they fall into the trap. Cluster flies leave a pheromone *scent trail* and so more cluster flies will be attracted towards the trap.

Inside each trap is exploded eggshell dust that sticks to the cluster flies preventing them from exiting. This dust is like quick sand and the insects soon dehydrate and die.

  • Easy to use
  • Simply peel off the sticky strip on the back of the trap and stick to the bottom of the window
  • If you can, place a couple of dead cluster flies in the trap, as their *scent trail* will attract more flies into the trap
  • Contains no chemicals, this product is eco friendly and *green*
  • 1 x trap will hold up to 1000 flies
  • 1 x trap will last for approximately 2 - 4 years, then the contents can be emptied into a bin and the plastic trap re-cycled
  • Measures 25.4cm wide x 9.4cm high x 5cm deep / 10" wide x 4" high x 2" deep
Please note that we would always recommend, in the first instance, the use of a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of pest control products that are available either in kit form or separately. Please see some of our suggestions below:

Then once you have given a full knock down and kill cluster fly treatment, stick the Cluster Buster Window Cluster Fly Trap in place to keep the problem under control.

For added, year round control of cluster flies, you may consider the use of an Automatic Insecticide Dispenser or an Electric Cluster Fly Killer. Please see below:

Cluster flies leave a scent trail and so it is imperative to kill as many of these insect pests to lessen the trail that they are able to leave behind and therefore lessen the amount of cluster flies that are attracted to your property.

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