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Cluster Buster Window Trap to Kill Cluster Flies

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Cluster Buster Window Trap is an innovative method of trapping and killing cluster flies.

This amazing white plastic trap fits onto windows and when the flies fly toward the window they fall into the trap. Inside each trap is exploded eggshell dust that sticks to the cluster flies preventing them from exiting. This dust is like quick sand and the insects soon dehydrate and die.

Cluster flies leave pheromone trails which attracts more flies each season, but with the use of this trap, the entry / exit cycle is broken.

Simple to use, the Cluster Buster Window Trap sticks by its sticky strip to the window of the room that is affected.

* Contains NO chemicals

* Each trap will hold upto 1000 flies

* Each trap will last for approximately 2 years

* Measures 25.4cm wide x 9.4cm high x 5cm deep

Best used in conjunction with a comprehensive cluster fly treatment such as with one of our kits and also in conjunction with a continual insecticide dispenser or electric fly killing machine. Please see related products below:

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Price: 18.12 (21.75 inc. VAT)

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