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Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs x 10

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Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs x 10 to fumigate attics, lofts, roof spaces, garages or anywhere there is an infestation of cluster flies.

* Bulk Buy to treat a very large area, several rooms or to have enough foggers for next seasons fumigation treatment *

The smoke from these foggers flushes out the cluster flies from all the cracks and crevices where they are living and over wintering.

Each cluster fly smoke bomb releases an insecticidal smoke that will kill and eliminate pesky cluster flies known commonly as attic flies.

* Easy to use flushing agent fumers that seek out and kill cluster flies

* Gives quick knock down and kill of cluster flies

* Place on a hard surface such as an old plate and ignite - leave the treatment area for between 4 and 6 hours

* 2 x fumers will treat 120 cubic metres / 4200 cubic feet = approximately an area measure 3.5 mtrs. x 4.5 mtrs. / 12ft x 16ft

* 4 x fumers will treat 240 cubic metres / 8400 cubic feet = approximately an area measuring 7 mtrs. x 9 mtrs. / 24ft x 32ft

* 10 x fumers will treat 600 cubic metres / 21000 cubic feet = approximately an area measuring 17.5 mtrs. x 22.5 mtrs. / 60ft x 80ft

* Contains active ingredient Permethrin 13.25%

* Advice sheet giving step by step instructions on how to use this product is included

These foggers do not leave any residual treatment and if your property is prone to a cluster fly infestation, then you will need to carry out this fogging treatment twice a year around September / October and again around March / April.

Please note that we would always recommend a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of products that we sell either in kit form or separately. Please see below. And for added, year round control of cluster flies, you may consider the use of an automatic insecticide dispenser or an electric cluster fly killing machine. Please see below.

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