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Cluster Fly Treatment Kit 1

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Cluster Fly Treatment Kit 1 contains all the products that you need to eradicate a problem with cluster flies in an attic, loft or roof area measuring approximately 20 square metres / 215 square feet.

The best time to carry out a treatment is between September and March when cluster flies are most active indoors. If your home or business is prone to suffer from cluster flies then we would recommend you carry out this treatment twice a year in the Autumn and Spring.

Cluster flies are a strange pest in as much as your house may be suffer from yearly infestations but your neighbours may not!

Our Cluster Fly Treatment Kit 1 contains:

* 1 x litre of Insectaclear C Cluster Fly Killer Spray which is a residual insecticide [ this continues to work for upto 4 weeks after the intial treatment ] best sprayed around window frames and other surfaces where the flies are settling

* 1 x 150gram Rentokill Insectrol Cluster Fly Killing Powder in a puffer pack for use into cracks and crevices where cluster flies like to hide and over winter

* 2 x Forte Fog P Mini Smoke Fumers to give a whole space fumigation treatment to flush out and kill cluster flies from their hiding places

* Safety Face mask and gloves for added protection

* Advice Sheet giving step by step instructions of how and where to use the products

We would always recommend, in the first instance, the use of this combination of products to treat a problem with cluster flies Once you have given a full knock down and kill cluster fly treatment with the products within this kit, you may consider the continual use of either an insecticidal dispenser or an electric fly killing machine [ please see below ]. These products will keep any problem minimal and will try to stop your home or business as being an attractive home for these flying pests.

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