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Organic Cluster Fly Killing Powder 2kg

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Organic Cluster Fly Killing Powder 2kg kills cluster flies in a natural and eco friendly way without the use of chemicals.

This product is Diatomaceous Earth which is made of the crushed fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. When a cluster fly comes into contact with this powder, the protective surface oil on the flies exoskeleton is stripped by the abrasive nature of the powder. The cluster flies then quickly dehydrate and die.

Use around edges where the floor meets the wall or in any crack and crevice or nook and cranny which are places where cluster flies like to hide and over winter.

  • Easy to use directly from the tub, or if you want to get the powder deep into a hole, nook or cranny, we stock a Cluster Fly Killing Powder Dust Blower, please see below:
  • Fast acting and effective
  • Non Toxic
This Organic Cluster Fly Killing Powder is also available in a 450g *shaker* pack, please see below:

Please note that we would always recommend a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of pest control products that are available either in kit form or separately. Please see some of our suggestions below:

For added, year round control of cluster flies, you may consider the use of an Automatic Insecticide Dispenser or an Electric Cluster Fly Killer. Please see below:

If you only want to use organic products
to kill cluster flies, we also stock an Organic Cluster Fly Killer Spray, please see below: If you are only using the organic powder and spray, it is really of necessity that you also use a continual method of controlling cluster flies. Please see our Electric Cluster Fly Killers category to the left.

Cluster flies leave a scent trail and so it is imperative to kill as many of these insect pests to lessen the trail that they are able to leave behind and therefore lessen the amount of cluster flies that are attracted to your property.

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