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Plus Zap 30 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer

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Plus Zap 30 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer for use in attics, lofts, roof voids or any other room for a continual control of cluster flies.

Please note, when using this model for killing and controlling cluster flies rather than general house flies, the unit must be checked regularly and emptied.

* For wall mounting, ceiling suspension or free standing

* 2 x powerful 15 watt straight tubes which attract cluster flies onto the electrified grid

* Strong aluminium construction

* Mains interlocked catch tray - when the tray is removed for emptying the power cuts off

* Covers up to 80 square metres / 860 square feet

* Dimensions: 514mm wide x 262mm high x 130mm deep

Please note that we would always recommend a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of products that we sell either in kit form or separately as well as then installing this Plus Zap 30 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer and / or using a continual insecticide dispenser. Please see below:

If you need replacement or spare uv tubes, please give us a call 03330 113197 or email info[a]

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Price: 49.08 (58.90 inc. VAT)

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