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T65 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer 30 watt

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T65 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer 30 watt is ideal for killing and controlling cluster flies and you can add the super sized Cluster Fly Catch Tray [ sold separately, please see below ] for holding the electrocuted cluster flies that have invaded your attic, loft or roof space areas.

  • For wall mounting, ceiling suspension or free standing
  • Made of white stainless steel and powder coated to prevent corrosion
  • Uses 2 x 18" 15 watt ultra violet light bulbs / tubes
  • Quick release guard for easy maintenance
  • Removable grid for easy cleaning
  • Covers up to 90 square metres / 970 square feet
  • Dimensions: 500mm wide x 271mm high x 145mm deep
  • Conforms to BS EN 60335-2-59 and the European EMC directive
  • Full 2 year guarantee and 2 year manufacturers warranty [excluding tubes and starters]
For spare tubes or starters, please see our sister website Fly Killers Online

Please note that we would always recommend, in the first instance, a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of pest control products that are available either in kit form or separately to flush out and kill the cluster flies that are hiding and overwintering in nooks and crannies. Please see some of our suggestions below:

Then the T65 Electric Grid Cluster Fly Killer 30 watt [best used with the Cluster Fly Catch Tray which is for sale separately, please see below] should be used for a continual, year round kill and control of cluster flies.

Cluster flies leave a scent trail and so it is imperative to kill as many of these insect pests to lessen the trail that they are able to leave behind and therefore lessen the amount of cluster flies that are attracted to your property.

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