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Organic Cluster Fly Killing Spray 500ml

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Organic Cluster Fly Killing Spray 500ml will kill cluster flies but it is not a residual product and therefore it is only for *spot treating* the visible insects.

  • Ready to use trigger spray
  • Natural and pesticide free, eco friendly and *green*
  • Made of food grade plant extracts
Please note that we would always recommend a comprehensive cluster fly treatment with a range of pest control products that are available either in kit form or separately. Please see some of our suggestions below:

For added, year round control of cluster flies, you may consider the use of an Automatic Insecticide Dispenser or an Electric Cluster Fly Killer. Please see below:

If you only want to use organic products to kill cluster flies, we also stock an Organic Cluster Fly Killing Powder in a 450g *shaker* pack or a 2kg tub, please see below: If you are only using the organic spray and powder, it is really of necessity that you also use a continual method of controlling cluster flies. Please see our Electric Cluster Fly Killers category to the left.

Cluster flies leave a scent trail and so it is imperative to kill as many of these insect pests to lessen the trail that they are able to leave behind and therefore lessen the amount of cluster flies that are attracted to your property.

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